Complementary Therapies on Offer

Tatuga Healing

From 23 August 2004 there has been a huge energy shift from seeking and striving to a time of peace and harmony. A "letting go" of expectations and an emergence of faith that all will be as it could be.

Many guides, angels and helpers have now moved away from our Earth energy to go to other spheres where they are needed. In their place, more are streaming in to help in this new phase of evolvement.

Tatuga, Earth Goddess, has entered our energy field and her role is to aid us in opening up our heart chakras, to enable us to feel the shift of loving energy into ourselves. In turn, this energy will radiate out to all beings on the planet. (As a result an important time for peacemakers, pacifiers and light workers!)

The effects felt after a session of this therapy is that your heart will open, passing unconditional love into your whole system and clearing all your chakra points. You will be left feeling more relaxed, lighter and your whole system more 'in tune'.

Crystals are held during the session which are being programmed with the same love being retained by you which can then be used for personal meditation purposes to enhance and boost the healing work initiated by the therapist during the session.

White Light Crystal Cleansing

Beginning with an initial consultation in the Little House to ascertain your needs and for you to experience and enjoy the space which has been created (for you to aspire to having in your own home).

The therapist will then visit your home to begin the clearing process. Advice will be given on any changes needed, for example furniture moved or a de-cluttering exercise recommended.

A cleansing ritual will then take place to clear and cleanse each room and specially programmed crystals placed strategically to ensue the upkeep of the energy infused during the session.

A second visit may be advisable just to ensure the upkeep of the enegy lift has been upheld.

For costs of this therapy it depends on the individual's requirements and whether it is for one room or even the whole property. Feel free to contact us for more details.