Complementary Therapies on Offer

Meditation, Stress Consultancy & classes #01

Meditation & classes

The meditation sessions are designed for either an individual to learn how to meditate or for groups to practice and share experiences.

Basic breathing techniques are taught and also visualisation methods which enables one to tap into the subconcsious in order to learn about oneself and to make any changes necessary for upliftment, self healing or to reach one's potential.

An advantage of group sessions is that it gives you the chance to learn of other people's experiences which can enhance your own progression and also gives you an honest feedback during the meetings which you can learn from.

Stress Consultancy

Sometimes all people need is a good "listening to" and Issa Holistic Consultancy offers a safe, confidential, comfortable space for you to talk, knowing there are no judgements being made or a need to "fix" you by the practitioner. Tools for self improvement or empowerment are offered but it is entirely up to the individual whether they are utilised or not.

A very individual way of self healing this method is designed around you and your unique needs. There is no "hands on" so you can create your own safe space which you take away with you into your normal everyday life.

This very gentle way of working had been enjoyed by most and gives you a new way of viewing your life, dreams and aspirations.

The sessions are carried out in a log cabin within a secluded "peace garden"; thereby enabling an easy shift to serenity and calm just by being in these surroundings.