Complementary Therapies on Offer

The below therapies are currently on offer but the list is continuously being added to as new therapists join the consultancy.


Reflexology is a Complementary & Holistic therapy that is applied to the hands and feet. The aim of the treatment is to treat the whole individual thus encouraging the body to heal itself and maintain homeostasis - the natural balance within the body.
It is important to remember that Reflexology is more than just a foot or hand massage. As the reflex points on the the hands or feet are worked the circulatory system increases blood supply around the body resulting in the release of tension and toxins for elimination. This brings about a more balanced state.
Because the treatment is so relaxing it aids the emotional and mental well being not just the physical. This should not be underestimated as it is widely considered that a high percentage of illness and disease are stress related.

If you would like to know more about Reflexology please feel free to visit the Association of Reflexologists website.

Metamorphic Technique

This method of working is for everyone because it is gentle, safe and non-invasive. It cannot do any harm and can be used by adults and children alike. The only criteria for this technique is that you are breathing!

It is called a technique rather than a therapy because it is a way of enabling a change in your energy patterns via you rather than the practitioner. It is a safe, non-invasive way of working which enables a transformation of your energy patterns rather than a tool for "healing" any particular symptoms you may have.

The Metamorphic Technique can be used alone or alongside any other conventional/alternative medicines or complementary therapies.

The amount of sessions you will need is a personal choice - you will know when you have had enough because it is your energy which is dictating any change and the speed at which it is occurring. Some like weekly sessions, others more spaced apart. An immediate shift is noticed by some while for others it is a more subtle change. As every individual is unique so is the reaction to the Metamorphic Technique.

The practitioner uses a light touch on specific points on the feet, hands and head and because these sessions are non-diagnostic there is no need for any notes or information to be taken by the practitioner.

A detached way of working is used which is unique to this technique, so no judgements, suppositions or diagnoses are arrived at by the practitioner. Merely, a medium is created by them which enables your personal life force to transform in whatever way is needed, enabling you to be your own healer. This does not mean that they don't care, but they stay detached to let your system do what is right for you, at whatever level. Most people find the experience to be very pleasant and relaxing.

Each session lasts for about an hour, held either in silence or you can chat - the choice is yours. You only remove your socks and shoes and all that you will be asked to do is relax!

If you would like to know more about the Metamorphic Technique please feel free to visit the Metamorphic Association