Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique & Complementary Therapies in Rochester, Kent & the South East

My practice, Issa Holistic Consultancy, covers a range of complementary therapies ranging from Reflexology to the Metamorphic technique; from White Light crystal cleansing to Tatuga healing; from Meditation sessions to simply benefitting from a 'good listening to' in the stress consultancy section.

So, whatever your needs are - body work, reaching your potential or spiritual awakening and upliftment, Issa Holistic Consultancy can help you.
The Consultancy #01

The below therapies are currently on offer but the list is continuously being added to as new therapists join the consultancy.

  • Reflexology
  • The Metamorphic Technique
  • Card Readings
  • Meditation & Classes
  • Stress Consultancy
  • Tatuga Healing
  • White Light Crystal Cleansing